All You Need to Know About Hockey Analytics

Here is a glossary that will help you understand hockey the next time you play. These are the most common terms used in the game like differentials, goals, or plus and minus. But in the advanced version, there are a lot more components that you would not have come across before and which would dampen your understanding of the game. When choosing to learn advanced statistics, you get a further understanding of the game that will keep you ahead of the audience. Here are the metrics that will help you enjoy the sport meaningfully.


The total of all the attempts at shots, including the blocked, missed or made goals are called Corsi. It is only for an idea wherein one can guess which team might be on the winning side. The more attempts, the better chances.


The difference between Fenwick and Corsi is that the former does not take into account any shot that might have been blocked in an attempt to score. It has come into force to show that the attempts that reach the net are the only valuables. Anything else must not be taken into account.

Expected goals

The history of the progress of the team is taken into consideration in this. It only means how big are the chances for the team to score the goal. These might be depended upon various factors like location, angle of the shot, distance from the goal net, etc. All these variables give the output.


For a closer analysis, microstats help immensely. They cover various facets of the game and allow the viewer to provide a better evaluation.

Shots assist

It is the ability of a player to pass the goal to someone else. But it does not really talk about the passers’ ability. It eventually boils down to the shooter’s talent to make the goal.

A high danger pass

The pass in which the goal is difficult to obtain is called a high danger pass. These goals are tough to complete and the opposite team ends up getting the upper hand.


Using these terminologies, you should be able to gain a clear knowledge of all that you have to know before you hit your next hockey game. But these terms are not all. There are a plethora of other terminologies that you can familiarize yourself with. Knowing this information would give you an edge over the other viewers. You would be able to closely enjoy the game and predict the winnings at the same time. If it all comes down to betting over predicting the winner, you are sure to ace it, given your knowledge of all the calculations that make a loser or a winner. It would require a lot of practice on your part to make it work. In the end, ensure to enjoy the game thoroughly, because that is the whole essence of the game of hockey.

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