Here’s How You Can Become an NHL Fan

There are fans of hockey from all over the world. The games are all cool and hot together and you do not know what the outcome of the game would be until the last moment. But, if you are new to hocky, it would be tough to comprehend the various occurrences. You would have to get used to the various instances in the game to love professional hockey. Otherwise, you are going to clueless till the last.

Understand the basics of the game

The whole National Hockey league comprises of thirty teams that are separated into four divisions. The whole duration of an hour is divided into twenty minutes. If there is a tie at the end, there ends up being an overtime. In case of the game stretching beyond that, there is a shootout that will end up being the tiebreak between the teams.

The hockey playing techniques

The main goals of the hockey game are essentially hitting the goal and not allowing the other team to score. If the puck hits the net, that’s the goal. The game is pretty straight forward starting off. It is so easy to get hooked to it and enjoy the game.

Learn the basic rules

The other aspects of the game are the penalties and the categories these all come under. There are some minor and major penalties that can cause the player being ousted from the game. Some of them are tripping, elbowing, high sticking, delaying the game on purpose and checking to hit the player with a stick. The bigger penalties are the fighting and the boarding. The penalties that are major are considered to be more serious as they are to badly injure the other players.

Hockey penalty box

If there is a penalty, the player is ousted from the game for a few minutes. This cubical lies on he opposite side of the game. To ensure that the other players win, the opposition team’s player must sit out in the penalty box.

Quick hockey

When there is fast paced hockey in question, you should eb alert about every move as unlike other games, you do not have time to process a few moves. You have to be alert to understand what is happening.


This will help you become the ultimate fan. But you should also watch the recorded match videos to acquaint yourself with the various rules. Head over to the next live match with some delicious snack and drinks and you are sure to have the time of your life. On top of that, you can form your own community of hockey fans where you can all get together and discuss hockey. It is truly a unique experience where you may even experience your camaraderie and find fun that lasts a long time. Hockey is an unpredictable game. One cannot have enough of it. No wonder where are so many fans all over the world.

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