Understanding the Charting of the Hockey Games

It is a norm to get inundated with so much hockey information and all the trends being mentioned over the charts. But not everyone can evaluate these. You need to be a true hockey fan, with all the knowledge of the technical terms under your belly to be able to fathom this information and also engage with the other fans about the possibilities.

Here is a list of the different aspects of the hockey game graph that will help you understand which team is headed where.

Expected goals

This is one of the main ones, After the Corsi, you would hear a lot about the advanced statistics to help the viewers predict who might win the game. Also, the quality of the goals is taken into consideration. Some of them are just providence while some are some calculated moves on behalf of the player. The equation helps the viewers understand the stats.


Though the name might through you off, Fenwick is similar to already the well-known Corsi. The only difference is that the blocked slots are not taken into consideration, but the missed shots matter. Attempts are most welcome into the equation.


You should also understand the different penalties and what each one would lead to. Depending upon the degree of penalty, the player has to sit out for so many minutes. It leads to a loss of the player in the team, thereby underperforming.


When percentages of winnings are calculated, you can get a clear picture of which player is headed where. Especially for the hockey fanatics, this is an important aspect, since these metrics help them understand the performance of each of the platers.

Performance by situation

There are multiple unknown situations that a player might be thrown into when playing hockey. Sometimes, the strategies may not even work and the goal is generally left to a singular player. The players’ performance in these circumstances benefits the team and they are able to fare better. At the same time, it leads to better winning percentages.


With the help of this article, you should be able to skim through the charts with no trouble at all and discuss the game all you want. Apart from these, there are so many more terminologies and jargon that you should acquaint yourself with. It will help you gain a clear picture of the game of hockey and maybe even pick up the game yourself. Complete knowledge of the game will help you enjoy it better. At the same time, it will put you ahead of the other fans who might not have known about these titbits.  You may certainly share the information that you receive here so that more and more get the hang of the game and enjoy it more than they are currently.

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