Shot Maps

Welcome to the shot maps!

These are powered by data via the excellent Moneypuck. To use them, select the team for the player you're interested in, then choose the player name from the drop down menu in the top-right corner.

How to read the maps

In the main pane, you can see all the shot types and locations for a player so far this season. The larger shapes indicate that the shot was a goal. You can hover over any shot point for more information about that shot.

On the side, you can check on the player's cumulative stats to this point in the season: Total shots, goals, and their expected goals total too. If the goals are lower than the xG, we could expect that the player has been unlucky and should have more goals than they do. The reverse analysis works too -- more goals than xG might indicate that a player has been lucky.

In the bottom-right, you'll find a trend line, showing the rate at which that player is generating xG. It's a 5-game rolling average, which helps to tell the story of the player's performance over the season. Has this player been great? Awful? Consistent? Excellent of late after a slow start?

Have fun, dig around, reach out if you have any questions!