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updated July 26th, 8:50 am EST

Welcome to the #KBO section of chartinghockey.ca!

Though this site began as a place for hockey dataviz, I've long been a fan of many different sports. As the NHL remains on pause and the Korean Baseball Organization has returned to action, I've enjoyed the chance to immerse myself in a sport that I've always loved being played in a league that I was excited to learn much more about.

Here, you'll find a variety of things (with more on the way). The "Daily #KBO viz" section is open for everyone and includes team level stats, standings projections, batter and pitcher WAR, and a variety of other dataviz. It's updated at the conclusion of the daily KBO schedule.

There are a few sections available for supporters of the site.

I do daily game predictions (an early prediction based just on team strengths, then a mid-day update once all starters are confirmed). This section also includes a daily predictions tracker so you can stay up to date with how my KBO model is performing.

There is also a section for season-long projections (HRs, SBs, etc...) for batters. This will include pitcher projections too (coming soon).

Last, there's a "Power Ranks" viz that features some of the key data for ranking teams and some important notes on their run trends.

Thank you for visiting and thanks for supporting the site!


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