Goalie Shot Maps

Goalie Shot Maps

Much like the skater shot maps, this viz is powered by data via Moneypuck. We can use these to examine goalie workloads and how they are performing relative to those workloads.

How to read

In the main pane, you can see the shots (small, coloured by shot type) and goals (large, coloured by type) and hover over all of the data points for additional information. You can also switch to the "heat map" view (see tabs above) to see where most shots are coming from.

On the right side pane, you can see details about the goalie's performance -- how many shots they've faced, how much xG they've faced, and how many goals they've allowed, along with other details. At the bottom, a trend line shows a 5-game rolling average. There's a break-even line running horizontally across the middle, which indicates the goalie was average, stopping the shots they should, allowing the number of goals we'd expect. A line above indicates performance above expectation (fewer goals against than xG faced) and a line below indicates the opposite.

Dig in, enjoy, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions.